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10-2021: The RD 7.5 and RD 10 series of crank type dynos have been updated for a longer peak stroke which results

in higher peak velocities. Up from previous models (4.0" / 100mm) the large increase gives the User more range.

     - Imperial OR Metric spacing availble: NEW longer stroke

      - 1.0"-1.5"-2.0"-3.0"-4.0"-5.0"-6.0"-6.5" (Imperial)

      - 20-25-40-50-75-100-125-150-160 mm (Metric)



CTW has signed an exclusive agreement to enter China with representation by:



          Shenzhen Lynag Technology Co., Ltd


          Ph: +86-0755-28507276

          Email: info@lynag.com

          Website: www.lynag.com


Lynag will represent CTW Automation products, support and service in the country of China moving forward and into the future. We are very excited about this new partnership and will detail more in the coming weeks about it. This will continue to grow CTW in the world market as a leader in electric linear actuation and testing.






CTW Introduces the next level of Electric Linear Actuation.....a higher velocity option

By using a package to boost the already fast LA" series from 5.50 M/sec, CTW is looking to exceed 8.00 M/sec by a large amount. This puts motorcycle fork testing into an affordable and efficient package for the factory setting.

LA48 HV electric linear actuator by CTW



CTW Automation presents the LA618 -this opens the door to big stroke damper testing


This machine is a high-performance electric linear actuator that uses magnets to drive to new levels of performance. It boasts 18 inches of useable travel, peak forces just over 6,000 lbf and velocities over 5.50 M/sec. This will allow off-road, 4X4 and other damper manufactures to better characterize their dampers across all ports.

View the video on our YouTube channel - LA618 Linear Actuator

LA618 Shock and Damper dyno linear actuator


CTW Automation YouTube Channel > this way!!


CTW Automation has developed a full line of testing equipment for your shock and damper needs. From the simple sine-wave rotary machines to the high performance, fully electric linear actuators.


plug and play electric linear actuator systems








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