Support Contract full year – explained

CTW offers a full year of Support for your testing equipment and software.  This Support contract allows for unlimited phone and e-mail help to the users of the machines so they can get fast and helpful answers to their questions and quickly resolve any problems they might have. It also includes support via remote access using Team Viewer and CTW’s exclusive license. By registering your covered machines using their serial numbers, you are given a Support contract identifier to be used for all help.

This help includes:

* software questions and help understanding how best to use it

* fixing errors and general help to build Tests and change settings

* help getting a new laptop up and running after a computer crash

* training using the remote access feature

* Team Viewer remote access for training, help and repair of software and connections on the go

* CTW offers this for all Roehrig Engineering machines and software

The fee is based on how many machines will be covered, for 1-year, and is the total.

            (1) unit - $275.0

            (2-3) units - $375.0

            (4-up) - $475.0  

Support Contract 1-Year


Support Contract

1 Time Support -

Customers needing only help with a single issue can purchase a one time online support contract. It is intended to for customers that simply want to pay oly for a single event / issue rather than signing up for a full year. 

1 Time fee - $125.0