Service Center

CTW Automation will add a new addition to our website as well as our facebook page to help connect people in need of shock service with people that have shock dynos.  We are basically creating a dyno locator for people that need to get their shocks graphed or even serviced.  We are opening this up not just to our own customers but to any one.  So if you have a shock dyno and you are willing to take on work, dyno shocks, provide some graphs or even do a full service, we want to add you to our page.

We will begin very easy by listing according to location; State then city or county.  That way people can find who is close to them and who they can use.  We hope you like it and it helps eveyone involved.

If you are a service shop and want to be listed, simply send me an e-mail with your details of your company, address, the dyno you have and what type of service you can offer.  The more information the better. 


Stay tuned for more.