CTW had developed the fully automated crossbar for the LA series of linear actuators. This system sets itself apart in many ways from the competition. 

     * A full 1000 mm of travel to go from the shortest to the longest dampers

     * Ability to exert force in both compression and extension directions to better allow for preloading of dampers

     * Two Speeds of movement to decrease your change over time

     * Position readout

     * Ability to control from a remote computer interface

     * Fast clamping and release of the crossbar


We created a Video Demonstration on our YouTube Channel: CTW Automation 


Linear actuator fully automated crossbar

General view of the automated crossbar on a LA618 


Linear actuator fully automated crossbar full travel

Image of the full range of travel - 1000 mm


Linear actuator automated crossbar control screen

                         The Automated crossbar control screen