CTW Automation has many options that can be added to your machine or purchased later. Some of these options include:

     * Enclosures / cage along with CE Safety

     * Traceable NIST Calibrations

     * Longer columns (sold in +12' / 300 mm increments)

     * Custom Strokes

     * Clevis fixtures assortment     **Motorcycle/Bicycle/ Forks

     * Dyno Armor - protective plate

     * Custom 3D printed colors

     * Spring perches for rating springs

     * Pancake load cell

     * 110 to 220 VAC Step-up transformer (Not recommended for RD3 and larger based on power)


Dyno Armor

     * Dyno Armor protects the top of your damper and shock dyno from the constant banging and dropping of parts. You can also add a Custom logo as well as a small variety of colors.

Dyno Armor for your dyno ADyno Armor for your shock dyno BDyno Armor custom logo Roehrig


Spring perches for Dyno

     * (2) Spring perches for your damper and shock dyno to get simple rates on your springs using your dyno.

 Spring perches in shock dyno options


Clevis Fixtures for Eyelet Dampers and Motorcycle-Bicycle Forks

eyelet type clevis fixtures for shock damper dyno CTW motorcycle fork fixtures damper shock CTW dyno


Enclosure / Cage Safety with CE Certification

     * Enclosures / cages for additional protection and safety. This can include a simple door latch or a fully integrated CE inter-lock to prevent the User from entering the test area when the machine is powered.

CE enclosure safety cage shock dyno  CE enclosure safety cage shock dyno right 


110 > 220VAC step-up transformer

Now you can run your crank dyno on 110VAC standard wall power outlet making it easier to take your damper dyno to the race track.  Takes normal wall outlet power and increase it to 220VAC single phase to run your 2 and 3 horsepower crank dyno.

     crank dyno and step up transformer