February 2021 - New employee Scott Morin

CTW Automation has expanded its workforce. We are happy to announce that we hired Scott Morin and he joins us as we continue to expand our production and service departments.

It has been an amazing two months for Sales, Service and upgrades to older machines to keep them running. In an effort to try to keep up we hired Scott for his excellent experience and hands on ability to get the job done.

His background is racing but with a specialty. He spent most of his time working in the R&D and Test team applications which gives him insight into more technical aspects of machines, motion and data. All the things we need more of at CTW.

Some of his highlights include CGR as the R&D / Test team crew chief. HMS working with the 7-Post system, the twist rig as well as the pull down rigs for further chassis analysis. Also he has extensive work in the aero department including a real world "wind tunnel".

He is a welcome addition and has already been put to work on several upcoming projects.

 Scott Morin with CTW Automation