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Latest CTW Software release:

     * CTW Probe Ver - November 2021



Version release notes:

- Added copy past to test editor-right click on a command in the “test sequence” column then right click and select Paste to copy that command. Copy multiple commands to paste. Can use CTL-V to repeat past.

- Exports PVP and CVP as one file when exporting to MATLAB

   * Bug fix- issues where tabs would not appear if when they were selected from menu.

   * Bug fix-issue with order of commands and warm up on LA causing crash.

   * Bug fix-will not hold metric units after closing program

   * Bug fix- was not loading USB/serial device drivers on install

   * Bug fix-end of warm up not stopping correctly causing harsh movement.

   * Bug fix-random data file loading issues

   * Bug fix-LA machines with random crossbar faults

   * Bug fix-slow data file loads with some versions


Diagnostic view of linear actuator test data

 Example of a Test as run on a linear actuator using CTW Probe software



Test builder view from Probe for LA & EMA

The Test builder area from CTW Probe for the LA & EMA


Older Versions of Probe Software:

     * CTW Probe Ver - March 2021

     * CTW Probe Ver - December 2020