CTW Automation - Probe vs. Shock6

September 29, 2019

CTW Automation has developed its very own CTW Probe software to allow the user to unlock the full potential and time of their rotary dyno. This includes all Roehrig dynos as well. We can run them all!


In these videos, available on our YouTube channel we wanted to show you how much time you can save so that you spend more time learning, changing and getting it right and less time waiting for your dyno to finish.


We created the same Test in each software. We left the Roehrig cycle count on the default 2.25 (this is a hidden area).

   Timed Warm-up at 10 seconds

   Rod Force test / Gas Test

   Several speeds


You can watch for yourself the power of CTW Probe over the outdated Shock6.

Find the Playlist here on our channel.  CTW Probe v Shock6